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For your Provo linoleum flooring needs, Super Pro Floors carries a full line of linoleum flooring products. Our superior line of flooring products looks like inlaid wood medallion designs, tile flooring, and mirrors natural hand-scraped products. Linoleum is popular for high-traffic floors due to its durability. The material doesn’t show scuffs or scratches like other flooring products and is quite resilient. On the other hand, linoleum flooring doesn’t produce static electricity. If you are looking for a reliable linoleum flooring contractor in Provo, Utah, you don’t have to look further than Super Pro Floors. Here is why you need to rely on Super Pro Floors for all your residential and commercial linoleum flooring needs!

Benefits Of Linoleum Flooring

Since its inception in 1860, linoleum has been a popular flooring option for homes and businesses in Provo UT. The product is widely known for its versatility and durability. On the other hand, linoleum is one of the most affordable flooring options for both homeowners and business owners in Provo. The flooring material comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It’s easy to clean and waterproof and is eco-friendly. Linoleum is made from recyclable materials like linseed oil, tree resins, wood flour, cork dust, and mineral pigments. This flooring option is biodegradable, unlike most other flooring materials.

The color on linoleum floors runs all the way through every layer, which means cuts, scratches, and other minor damages can be easily buffed out and resealed without any change in the color. On the other hand, linoleum is naturally anti-bacterial which is good news for householders with children. It doesn’t need tough upkeeping other than the regular sweeping and mopping to keep the floor looking great. Walking across a linoleum floor is much quieter and is great for your home or office.

Superior Quality Flooring From Super Pro Floors!

Super Pro Floors offers some of the highest quality floor coverings currently on the market. Our expert team doesn’t seek to just sell you flooring, but to provide an overall flooring project that creates the floors you have been always dreaming of. In fact, installation is a crucial part of the art of an excellent floor. Stop by at your convenience to discuss the array of high-quality floor coverings and related products for your Provo home or business.

Flooring Installation That Keeps On Giving!

Most of today’s floor coverings require highly specialized tools for perfect installation. On the other hand, molding, cutting, spacing, and finishing these floor coverings take a great deal of experience. That is why you should hire a professional team of floor installers in Provo UT to install linoleum floors in your home or office.

Why Choose Super Pro Floors?

  • Super Pro Floors is a premier linoleum flooring installer for many years servicing all of Provo and surrounding areas
  • We pride ourselves on our 5-star ratings as well as the service we provide to all our customers
  • We perform quality work at the best prices

Call Super Pro Floors today for all your linoleum floor and other flooring project needs such as hardwood installation, tile, stone, carpet, and vinyl flooring. We look forward to hearing about your project!

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